VeChain: Partnership with supply chain risk management platform Logsafer

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On March 13, 2018, LogSafer, the leading supply chain risk management platform in China, reached a partnership with VeChain, the forerunner of the blockchain industry, and they worked together to integrate Big Data, Internet of Things, and Blocks. The combination of chain technology will apply blockchain technology to supply chain risk management and provide comprehensive risk management services for more small and medium-sized shipping, logistics and trading companies.

Mr. Lu Yang, the only chain CEO, Mr. Qian Chengcheng, the vice president, Mr. Guo Hui, the CEO of Yun Kean, and Ms. Xu Wei, chief risk officer, signed the contract. The only chain strategy partner and DNV-GL global CFO Thomas VOGTH-ERIKSEN, the vice president of the world Mr. Kang Wenyi, vice president of Greater China Mr. Huang Jin also attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

Background of Cooperation

Currently, there are many challenges in cross-border supply chain, such as many business links, long duration, and multi-party participation. Therefore, the timeliness, quantity, and quality of product delivery face many risks. How can we better identify the various risks faced by each link of the cross-border supply chain, take appropriate preventive measures to reduce the risk probability, and can provide appropriate insurance product transfer risks and carry out efficient claims recovery after the risk, which is the supply chain risk Control the industry has been the focus of attention.

The cooperation direction of Yunan and Weidian believes that blockchain technology allows multiple parties to participate in the recording of data and the data will not be tampered. Using the unique chain-only VeChainThor blockchain+Internet of Things technology, it can better track risks and record real The data helps companies to grasp the latest risk dynamics in the supply chain, and can save a large number of documents and data collection and verification at the payment link, greatly shortening the payment review time. In particular, the realization of smart contracts will truly bring “second” to the company. "Compensate" the ultimate experience.

Yun Kean CEO Guo Hui believes that: Cross-border supply chain risk management is faced with lack of mutual trust, repeated collection of documents or data, lack of real-time risk data and many other issues, resulting in high cost and low efficiency. Through the efficient coordination mechanism provided by the blockchain, an efficient risk management and control ecology will be created, which will greatly increase the efficiency of risk management and control in each link and further reduce transaction costs.

Mr. Lu Yang, CEO of WeiChain Chain, said that: Blockchain is essentially a technology. It is not a panacea, but it needs to be applied to the right situation to play the greatest value. At the same time, the most important thing is to get through to a reasonable application. In the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, barriers are removed and technologies and data certified by third-party authorities are used to improve the industrial ecosystem. The Chain of VeChain hopes to use blockchain technology to tap more potential value for existing business creation, find new partnerships in actual business activities, use technology to help enterprise development, and connect companies to create ecosystems and share value.

Looking forward to the future

As a leader in supply chain risk management, Yun Kean has helped many companies solve supply chain risk control problems through professional teams and platforms; VeChain, as a leader in blockchain technology, is committed to creating information transparency and collaboration. The trusted and distributed business environment of high-efficiency and high-value transmission has accumulated a great deal of experience in the commercial application of blockchain applications in various industries. With the increasing number of companies using the chain-only ChainChaChaThor platform, all companies will eventually form a complete ecosystem on the chain, and VeChain will use the “blockchain+Internet of Things” technology to help companies on the chain The monitoring of the supply chain, and the addition of Yunan can provide double insurance for the normal operations of other companies in the chain, as well as the use of the unique chain technology to solve their own pain points. The establishment of the cooperation between the two companies can complement each other's strengths, greatly promote the application of blockchain technology in supply chain risk management and control services, and jointly realize the exploration in the field of risk management and blockchain integration.

About Yunan An

Yun Anji Risk Identification, Risk Reduction, Insurance, Claims and Legal Services, it is the largest cross-border supply chain risk management and control platform in China, and also the first one-stop international logistics insurance-claims-forensic platform in China. . The team members all have the background of shipping, insurance, maritime, logistics or trade, and can successfully respond to the most complex risk management challenges in the logistics business. At present, the cumulative number of customers exceeds 2500, which has reduced insurance costs by at least 30% for users and shortened the claim period by at least 50%. It is committed to making use of blockchain, big data, and internet technologies to make supply chain risk management simpler, faster, more effective, and cheaper.

About VeChain

VeChain is a leader in global blockchain application technology and is committed to the research and application of blockchain technology in the commercial field. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, VeChain has established branches in France, Singapore, Japan, and other countries, and has gathered over 70 professional elites from multiple countries. It is one of the first teams to conduct blockchain research in the world. . There are already many commercial applications for VeChain. Partners include PricewaterhouseCoopers, DNV GL, Renault France, BMW Germany, China Unicom, DIG, Dexun Logistics, Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences, etc., covering luxury goods, Food and beverage, supply chain, transportation, agriculture, medical and many other industries.

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