5 reasons why switzerland is the greatest country for crypto

1 Privacy is Tradition

Switzerland has a long tradition of banking and privacy. Even very wealthy and famous people can live here without beeing hesitated too much. Privacy is considered a right of everyone and so is privacy of money and or crypto.

2 Crypto is considered an asset

Switerland considers crypto an asset and assets are much less regulated then securities.

3 The Goverment

The goverment is very open to crypto and has even put guidlines up for ICOs and how to treat crypto when doing your taxes. Which brings me to the best argument.

4 No Capital Gain Tax

There is no capital gain tax in switzerland. So If you got those sick moons with 1000%+ gains it is all tax free. The only thing that is taxes is general "net worth" and this is taxes at a very low rate depending on your net worth below 3 promille. If you have a net worth of 1 Million by the end of the year you have to pay for example 3 k taxes. No gains are taxed only net worth by the end of the year.

5 High education standards and easy start-up regulation

Last but not least for all the entrepreneurs out there looking for the next big thing in crypto. Switzerland is a great country to start a crypto company in. Regulations are easily understandable and there is a pool of highly educated and motivated people in the crypto hubs like zug and zürich.

TL; DR: Switzerland is great for crypto, be like switzerland.

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