A day in SK’s gaming house.

The brazilians are back at the house after Katowice, where they got eliminated by Cloud9 after throwing an 11-4 lead.

It's early in the morning, Coldzera asks for a team meeting in whatsapp. He's been bunked for a couple hours in his room thinking about their last loss, standing still and throwing darts at the Thorin poster hanging on the wall. After hitting a bullseye shot which landed right between Thorin's eyes, Cold leaves the room a bit more relaxed.

The players quickly arrive at the meeting room. There's a special motivation rule to ensure this, whoever arrives last has to play with Moe in Rank S after scrims. Taco arrives first, Fallen shows up quickly after. Fer and Boltz were both making a run to avoid the awful punishment, but Fer manages to trip Boltz and mocks him when he falls to the ground.

Brainstorming begings.

  • Cold: This is unaceptabble. We lost to fucking C9. This is getting out of control.

  • Fallen: And even worse, we've used every line from our excuse spreadsheet.

  • Cold: Getting really triggered by twitter lately, Thorin will have a full week laughing at us.

  • Fallen: Don't worry, I'll use our twitter death squad to handle that.

  • Taco: We have a twitter death squad?

  • Cold: Yes, it's that mob who spams their tweets and PM's. Sometimes they also threaten us aswell, but that's fine.

  • Fallen: By the way, I had an idea. Let's recruit Kng and bench boltz.

  • Boltz: ???

Cold facepalms.

  • Cold: Are you sober? Our team would disband and be orgless within a month. Fer do you have any ideas?

  • Fer: Can I rush connector?

  • Fallen: Have you been listening to anything we said?

  • Fer: No… but can I jump off B apps with a mag7 in our Inferno CT setup or not? That's all I want to know.

The other four members are not surprised. That question sums up their problems on that map recently.

Time passes. The meeting has been fruitless, nobody is surprised when Fallens calls it off. Cold tries to be the last person leaving the room, but Boltz doesn't leave his spot on the couch for the next 2 hours.

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